List of Mayors of Slough

This List of Mayors of Slough starts with the first elected Mayor, who was also the Charter Mayor named in the first Royal Charter when Slough became a Municipal Borough in 1938 (having previously been an Urban District).

Slough is a town in the South East England region of the United Kingdom. Until 1974 it was part of the Administrative county of Buckinghamshire and thereafter it was in the county of Berkshire. From 1998 it has been a unitary authority.

Since 1938 there has been a Mayor of Slough elected at the annual meeting in every municipal year, by and from the members of the Borough Council.

The start of what was originally the 1947-48 municipal year was changed from November 1948 to May 1949, so that Alderman Taylor's second term as Mayor lasted for about 18 months.

In 1996 Councillor Back became the first Mayor to die in office. Councillor Gibbs was elected to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the 1995-96 municipal year. He was re-elected for the 1996-97 municipal year.

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