List of Indian Monarchs

The following list of Indian monarchs is one of several lists of incumbents.

Early mythical and later documented rulers and dynasties who are deemed to have ruled a portion of the Indian subcontinent and were based in South Asia are included in this list.

Read more about List Of Indian Monarchs:  Foreign Emperors in North-Western India (c. 538 BC – 750 AD), Satavahana Dynasty (c. 230 BC – 199 AD), Hellenistic Euthydemid Dynasty (c. 221–85 BC), Indo-Parthian Rulers (c. 21–100 AD), Kushana Dynasty (80–225), Kadambas of Banavasi (345–525 AD), Western Ganga Dynasty of Talakad (350–1024 AD), Maitrakas of Vallabhi (470-776 CE), Shashanka Dynasty (600–626), Harsha Dynasty (606–647), Gurjara-Pratihara Dynasty (650-1036 CE), Rashtrakutas of Manyaketha (735–982), Tomar's or Tuar's of Sthaneshwar and Indraprastha (736–1192 AD), Pāla Dynasty (c. 756–1174 AD), Paramara Dynasty of Malwa (c. 800–c. 1305), Seuna Yadavas of Devagiri (850–1334 AD), Hoysala Dynasty (1000–1346), Sena Empire Dynasty Rule Over Bengal (1070–1230 CE), Eastern Ganga Dynasty (1078-1434), Kakatiya Dynasty (1083–1323 CE), Ahom Dynasty Ruled Over Assam (1228–1826), Kalachuri (Southern) Dynasty (1130–1184), Reddy Dynasty (1325-1448 CE), Gajapati Kingdom (1434-1541 CE), Maharajas of Cochin (Perumpadapu Swaroopam, 1503–1964), Qutb Shahi Dynasty (1518–1687), Maratha Empire (1674–1818), Kingdom of Travancore (1729–1947), Sikh Empire (1801–1849), British Emperors of India (1876–1947), King of India (1947–1950), Nehru_Gandhi Dynasty of The Republic of India (1947-present)

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