List of Governors of Connecticut - Other High Offices Held

Other High Offices Held

Thirty-three governors have served other high office, including four Cabinet secretaries (one of whom served in two different departments) and four ambassadors. One served as a judge on a U.S. Court of Appeals. Three represented Connecticut in the Continental Congress and 28 have represented the state in the U.S. Congress, including one Speaker of the House. Four (marked with *) resigned to take other offices, and one (marked with ) resigned his seat in the U.S. House to take office as governor.

All representatives and senators listed represented Connecticut.

Governor Gubernatorial term Other offices held Source
Huntington, SamuelSamuel Huntington 1786–1796 Continental Delegate (including President of the Continental Congress)
Wolcott, OliverOliver Wolcott 1796–1797 Continental Delegate
Trumbull, Jr., JonathanJonathan Trumbull, Jr. 1797–1809 Representative (including Speaker of the House), Senator
Treadwell, JohnJohn Treadwell 1809–1811 Continental Delegate
Griswold, RogerRoger Griswold 1811–1812 Representative
Smith, John CottonJohn Cotton Smith 1812–1817 Representative
Wolcott, Jr., OliverOliver Wolcott, Jr. 1817–1827 Secretary of the Treasury
Tomlinson, GideonGideon Tomlinson 1827–1831 Representative, Senator*
Edwards, Henry W.Henry W. Edwards 1833–1834, 1835–1838 Representative, Senator
Foot, Samuel A.Samuel A. Foot 1834–1835 Representative, Senator
Ellsworth, William W.William W. Ellsworth 1838–1842 Representative
Cleveland, Chauncey FitchChauncey Fitch Cleveland 1842–1843 Representative
Baldwin, Roger ShermanRoger Sherman Baldwin 1844–1846 Senator
Toucey, IsaacIsaac Toucey 1846–1847 Representative, Senator, Attorney General, Secretary of the Navy
Trumbull, JosephJoseph Trumbull 1849–1850 Representative
Seymour, Thomas HartThomas Hart Seymour 1850–1853 Representative, Minister to Russia*
Buckingham, William A.William A. Buckingham 1858–1866 Senator
Hawley, Joseph R.Joseph R. Hawley 1866–1867 Representative, Senator
English, James E.James E. English 1867–1869, 1870–1871 Representative, Senator
Jewell, MarshallMarshall Jewell 1869–1870, 1871–1873 Minister to Russia, Postmaster General
Hubbard, Richard D.Richard D. Hubbard 1878–1879 Representative
Bulkeley, Morgan G.Morgan G. Bulkeley 1889–1893 Senator
McLean, George P.George P. McLean 1901–1903 Senator
Lilley, George L.George L. Lilley 1909 Representative
Bingham III, HiramHiram Bingham III 1925 Senator
Baldwin, Raymond E.Raymond E. Baldwin 1939–1941, 1943–1946 Senator*
Bowles, ChesterChester Bowles 1949–1951 Representative, Ambassador to India, Ambassador to Nepal
Lodge, John DavisJohn Davis Lodge 1951–1955 Representative, Ambassador to Argentina, Ambassador to Spain, Ambassador to Switzerland
Ribicoff, Abraham A.Abraham A. Ribicoff 1955–1961 Representative, Senator, Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare*
Meskill, Thomas J.Thomas J. Meskill 1971–1975 Representative, Second Circuit Court Judge
Grasso, Ella T.Ella T. Grasso 1975–1980 Representative
Weicker, Jr., Lowell P.Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. 1991–1995 Representative, Senator
Rowland, John G.John G. Rowland 1995–2004 Representative

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