List of Current Days of Our Lives Characters - Kiriakis Family

Kiriakis Family

Victor Kiriakis
Portrayed by John Aniston
Owner of Titan Industries. Married to Maggie Kiriakis. Formerly married to Carly Manning, Kate DiMera, Nicole DiMera and Vivian Alamain. Son of Yurgos and Sophie Kiriakis (both deceased). Brother of Alexander Kiriakis (deceased). Father of Isabella Toscano with Loretta Toscano; Bo Brady with Caroline Brady; and Philip Kiriakis with Kate.
Maggie Kiriakis
Portrayed by Suzanne Rogers
née Simmons. Owner of Chez Rouge. Married to Victor Kiriakis. Formerly married to Mickey Horton (deceased). Mother of Sarah Horton with Neil Curtis, Daniel Jonas and adoptive mother of Melissa Horton.
Justin Kiriakis
Portrayed by Wally Kurth
Head Legal Counsel for Kiriakis Industries. Married to Adrienne Kiriakis. Son of Alexander and Christina Kiriakis (both deceased). Nephew of Victor Kiriakis. Father of Alexander Neil Kiriakis with Angelica Deveraux and Jackson Kiriakis with Adrienne. Adoptive father of Joseph and Victor Kiriakis II.
Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis
Portrayed by Judi Evans
Owner of The Cheatin' Heart. Married to Justin Kiriakis. Daughter of Duke and Josephine Johnson. Sister of Steve Johnson and Jack Deveraux (born William Earl Johnson). Mother of Jackson Kiriakis with Justin, stepmother of Alexander Kiriakis and adoptive mother of Joey and Victor Kiriakis II.
Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis
Portrayed by Freddie Smith
Student at Salem University. Son of Justin and Adrienne Kiriakis. Brother of Alexander, Joey and Victor Kiriakis II.

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