List of British Gallantry Awards For The Iraq War

List Of British Gallantry Awards For The Iraq War

A list of British awards for gallantry in the Iraq War, awarded between 2003 and 2010. Apart from appointments to purely military orders, only gallantry awards have been included and only those that allow post-nominal letters (this excludes appointments to the Order of the British Empire for distinguished service and fourth-level awards such as Mentions-in-Despatches and Queen's Commendations).

The list includes the rank and decorations the recipient held at the time, together with their regiment, corps or service, and the date of publication of the award in the London Gazette. The first honours list was published in October 2003, and covered the initial invasion period from 19 March to 19 April. Thereafter lists covered six month periods of operations, ending in March or September, normally being published several months later. The final list was published in March 2010.

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