List of Aircraft of The Brazilian Navy

List Of Aircraft Of The Brazilian Navy

The naval aviation arm of the Brazilian Navy operates 89 aircraft in 2009.

Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service Notes
A-4 Skyhawk United States Attack aircraft A-4MB Skyhawk II 23 20 attack; 3 trainer. 12 being upgraded by Embraer.
AS332 Super Puma France Transport helicopter AS-332 5
AS532 Cougar France Transport helicopter AS-532 2
Super Lynx United Kingdom Attack helicopter Super Lynx Mk.21A 12 6 being upgraded. Additional units being ordered.
Esquilo Brazil Scout helicopter HB 350B Esquilo; HB 355 Esquilo 2 26 18 single engine; 8 twin engine.
Bell Jet Ranger United States Training helicopter Bell 206B-3 Jet Ranger III 17
SH-60 Seahawk United States Multi-mission helicopter S-70B Seahawk 8
EC 725 Cougar Brazil
Transport helicopter EC 725BR 16 16 ordered. Delivery in 2010 and 2012. 8 ASuW configuration with Exocet anti-ship missile. 8 utility configuration.
C-1 Trader United States COD and AAR 8

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