Light Utility Vehicle - HMMWV-like Vehicles

HMMWV-like Vehicles

The HMMWV layout is larger and wider than the original jeep, and inspired another generation of similar vehicles.

  • GAZ-2975 "Tigr" - Russian Military HMMWV currently in service
  • Toyota built a vehicle largely derived from the HMMWV design with a similar design and layout called the Mega Cruiser. Toyota produced a military version of the Mega Cruiser, named the Koukidousya, that is in service with the Japan Self Defense Forces.
  • Iveco LMV
  • China produces three vehicles based on HMMWV with varying degrees of cooperation with the original manufacturer.
  • Uro of Spain builds the VAMTAC.
  • Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau of the Ukraine builds the Dozor-A.
  • MOWAG Eagle
  • Marine Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MMPV) by Philippine Marine Corps

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