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Lexus Link is offered in the continental U.S and Alaska. Different service packages are offered to customers. While safety and security are the main purpose of the Lexus Link system, further services include driving directions, information assistance, traffic, weather, stock quotes, or Personal Calling. Depending on service package, potential services include:

Service Name Service Description
Airbag Deployment Notification In the event of an airbag deployment, an automatic call is made to Lexus Link call center for assistance.
Stolen Vehicle Location If a vehicle is reported stolen, Lexus Link Advisor can work with law enforcement to determine its location.
Emergency Services Notification Priority call to Lexus Link call center for assistance.
Roadside Assistance Lexus Link Advisor will provide vehicle location to Lexus Roadside Assistance.
Remote Door Lock/Unlock By calling Lexus Link’s toll-free number, an Advisor can lock/unlock the vehicle’s doors.
Remote Horn and Lights By calling Lexus Link’s toll-free number, an Advisor can flash the lights and sound the vehicle’s horn.
Accident Assist An Advisor can walk driver through a checklist after an accident.
Driving Directions Lexus Link call center can verbally provide driving directions.
Information / Convenience Services A Lexus Link Advisor can locate and contact businesses from a national database.
Ride Assist Lexus Link can arrange alternative transportation on subscriber’s behalf.

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