Lexus Link - History


The first-generation Lexus Link system was a private-labeled brand of OnStar, operating on Verizon Wireless’ cellular network, available as a factory-installed option on the following vehicles in Model Years 2001-04: LS 430 ('01-'04), GX 470 ('03-'04), LX 470 ('03-'04), SC 430 ('03-'04) and RX 330 ('04). The first-generation system was analog-only and is no longer operational.

The second-generation Lexus Link system was launched October 2005 as a private-label brand of OEM Telematics Services, available as a factory-installed option on MY 2006 and later LX, GX (vehicles produced October 1, 2005 and later) and MY 2007 and later LX, GX, LS, GS vehicles and uses dual-mode (digital/analog) technology operating on Verizon Wireless’ cellular network.

The differences between the first- and second-generation systems are as follows:

Item 2nd Generation Lexus Link 1st Generation Lexus Link
System Diagram Bus buffer not listed Bus buffer listed
Cellular Network Infrastructure Digital (CDMA) / Analog Analog only
Voice Recognition Available (English Only) Not available
Voice Prompt Language Selection English, some Spanish English
Automatic Theft Notification Not available Available
Remote Horn and Lights Available Not available
Memo Record Not available Available
Advisor Record Available Not available
Personal Calling Available Not available
Advanced Services Available Not available
Backup Battery Non-rechargeable Type Rechargeable Type
Diagnosis/Status LED Only LED and Voice Prompt

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