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  • A new Finnish warning sign at Loimaa. It is inexpensive and intended for low-traffic roads.

  • AAWS, the advance active warning signal, is used in Australia and positioned around 200 feet (60 meters) before the level crossing.

  • British Rail sign at Manor Road railway station in Hoylake, Wirral, United Kingdom, indicating dangers of misusing crossing.

  • A railroad crossing in Belton, Missouri, with only the crossbuck, flashing lights, and warning bell

  • An electronic crossing bell made by General Signals Inc.

  • A traditional mechanical crossing bell. Newer crossings have electronic bells that produce a clearer warning sound.

  • A fence or chicane may prevent pedestrians running across the track.

  • Level crossing in Katori, Chiba, Japan

  • An example of a typical rail crossing in the United States

  • A grade crossing with road gates. Some level crossings, such as this one in Acton, Massachusetts, are also equipped with sidewalk gates.

  • An un-gated pedestrian crossing west of the station in Islip, New York

  • Cantilevered signal with GS electronic bells and unusual placement of the crossbucks on the BNSF in Amboy, California

  • A level crossing with flashing lights but no barriers on the Tyne and Wear Metro, England

  • A level crossing with a stop sign on the Mariazellerbahn, a single track narrow gauge railway to Mariazell, Austria

  • A level crossing in Vancouver, BC, where there are trolley wires above the roadway

  • An automatic level crossing in France, with half-barriers, flashing lights and a bell

  • A level crossing at Diemen railway station in the Netherlands. Trains run on the right, and the platforms are after the crossing in each direction.

  • Level crossing with automatic barricades on the road in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

  • Level crossing in Montes de Oca, Costa Rica, near the University of Costa Rica

  • A level crossing signal with flashing lights, gates and bell at Mar del Plata, Argentina, manufactured by Safetran

  • A level crossing signal with flashing lights, gates and bell on CSX River Subdivision in Kingston, New York, manufactured by Safetran.

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