Legislative Council - Part of A Bicameral Legislature

Part of A Bicameral Legislature

  • Australia:
    • New South Wales Legislative Council
    • Queensland Legislative Council (abolished in 1924
    • South Australian Legislative Council
    • Tasmanian Legislative Council
    • Victorian Legislative Council
    • Western Australian Legislative Council
  • Barbados: Barbadian Legislative Council (renamed the Senate of Barbados in 1964)
  • Bermuda: Bermuda Legislative Council (renamed the Senate of Bermuda in 1968)
  • Canada:
    • Legislative Council of British Columbia (1867–1871)
    • Legislative Council of Lower Canada (abolished by the 1840 Union Act)
    • Legislative Council of Manitoba (abolished in 1876)
    • Legislative Council of New Brunswick (abolished in 1892)
    • Legislative Council of Nova Scotia (abolished in 1928)
    • Legislative Council of Prince Edward Island (amalgamated into the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island in 1893)
    • Legislative Council of Quebec (abolished in 1968)
    • Legislative Council of the Province of Canada (abolished at the Canadian Confederation)
    • Legislative Council of Upper Canada (abolished by the 1840 Union Act)
(Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan are the only provinces not to have had an upper house)
  • India: The Vidhan Parishad (or Legislative Council) in seven of the twenty-eight Indian states (Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh), the Vidhan Parishad serves as the upper house of a bicameral legislature
  • Isle of Man: the Legislative Council of the Isle of Man
  • Dominion of Newfoundland: the Legislative Council of Newfoundland (dissolved with the creation of the Commission of Government in 1934; not recreated after Newfoundland joined Canada in 1949)
  • Jamaica: Legislative Council (replaced by Senate of Jamaica in 1962)
  • New Zealand: New Zealand Legislative Council (abolished in 1951)
  • United States:
    • Delaware Legislative Council: the upper house under the Delaware Constitution of 1776 (since 1792, the Delaware State Senate)
    • New Jersey Legislative Council: the upper house under the 1776 New Jersey Constitution (since 1845, the New Jersey Senate) and New Jersey Supreme Court
    • South Carolina Legislative Council: the upper house under the 1776 South Carolina Constitution (since 1778, the South Carolina Senate)

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