Lectio Divina - Other Christian Methods

Other Christian Methods

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Guigo II Clare of Assisi
Read (lectio) Gaze on the Cross (intueri)
Meditate (meditatio) Consider (considerare)
Pray (oratio) Contemplate (contemplari)
Contemplate (contemplatio) Imitate (imitare)

While the Lectio Divina has been the key method of meditation and contemplation within the Benedictine, Cistercian and Carthusian orders, other Catholic religious orders have used other methods.

An example is the 4 step approach of Saint Clare of Assisi (shown in the table) which is used by the Franciscan order. Clare's method is more visual than Guigo II's which seems more intellectual in comparison.

Saint Teresa of Avila's method of "recollection" which uses book passages to keep focus during meditation has similarities to the way Lectio divina uses a specific Scriptural passage as the centerpiece of a session of meditation and contemplation. It is likely that Teresa did not initially know of Guigo II's methods, although she may have been indirectly influenced by those teachings via the works of Francisco de Osuna which she studied in detail.

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