Lava (Ramayana)

Lava (Ramayana)

Lava or Luv (Sanskrit: लव meaning "particle", Tamil: இலவன், Malay: Tilawi, Indonesian: Lawa, Khmer: Jupalaks, Lao: Phra Lao, Thai: Phra Lop, Telugu: లవుడు) and his twin brother Kusha, were the children of the Lord Rama and his wife Sita, whose story is recounted in the Ramayana. Per that text, he is known as the founder of Lavapuri, that is, the modern day city of Lahore, which is named after him. The Southeast Asian country Laos and the Thai city Lopburi were both named after him.

The Lohanas, Kurmis, Leva Patidars and Leva Gurjar's are present-day Indo-Aryan ethnic groups who attest to be descendants of Lava.

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