Lancia Flavia

The Lancia Flavia is a medium-sized luxury saloon, launched with a 1500 cc engine at the 1960 Turin Motor Show by Lancia and introduced in major European markets during the next twelve months. Coupe and convertible versions developed by Pininfarina and Vignale quickly followed, together with one or two low volume 'specials' including an eye-catching Zagato coupe. Performance improved over the next ten years as the engine size increased, progressively, to 2000 cc. The car remained in production until 1970 when it was updated and renamed as the Lancia 2000.

In 2011, Fiat announced that the Chrysler 200 convertible would be sold in European left hand drive markets only by Lancia under the Flavia name that began in Q1 2012. Flavia is unavailable in European right hand drive markets and is not branded as the Chrysler 200 in the UK and Ireland.

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