Lanao Del Sur - People and Culture

People and Culture

Maranao is the most commonly spoken language in the province. Also spoken are Tagalog as well as English and Arabic.

Points of interest in the province include:

  • Mindanao State University (Main Campus)
  • Aga Khan Museum
  • Torogan (of Tuka)
  • Islamic Center of the Philippines (the country's largest dome)
  • Tallest Minarets of Marawi
  • Abu Bakar Mosque (largest mosque in Lanao del Sur)
  • Lanao People's Park (only park in Lanao del Sur)
  • Lanao Library
  • Ayala Resort Hotel (only hotel in Lanao del Sur)
  • Dansalan Market (natively known as Padian)
  • Dansalan College
  • MSU Golf Course
  • piagapo firing line
  • tapukan falls located in wato
  • O.OO Kilometer zone (the reference point of all roads in Mindanao)
  • King Faisal Mosque King Faisal Mosque

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