Lafleur or LaFleur may refer to

  • Château Lafleur, a Bordeaux wine producer in Pomerol
  • Lafleur Restaurants, a Canadian chain of fast food restaurants
  • LaFleur (Lost), an episode of the television series Lost
  • Lafleur (marionette), a French marionette from Amiens

As a surname:

  • Abel Lafleur, a French sculptor
  • Antoine Lafleur, a Canadian ice hockey player
  • Art LaFleur, an American actor
  • David LaFleur, a former American football player
  • Eric LaFleur, a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives
  • Greg LaFleur, a former American football player
  • Guy Lafleur, a Canadian former ice hockey player
  • Jacques Lafleur(1932-2010), was French politician
  • Jean Lafleur, a Canadian businessman known for involvement in the Liberal Party of Canada sponsorship scandal
  • Pierre-Auguste Lafleur, a Canadian politician and Member of the Legislative Assembly of Quebec
  • Rene Lafleur, a Canadian former ice hockey player
  • Sarah Lafleur, a Canadian actress
  • Suzanne LaFleur, an American author
  • Stacy Lafleur, a Louisiana Artist
Fictional characters
  • James LaFleur, a pseudonym of James "Sawyer" Ford, a character on the ABC television show Lost
  • Jacques LaFleur, a character in Harry and the Hendersons played by David Suchet
  • Peter LaFleur, the protagonist of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story played by Vince Vaughn

la Fleur may refer to :

  • Eric la Fleur (born 1979), a former Swedish Olympic swimmer