Lacuna (pl. lacunas or lacunae) may refer to:

  • Lacuna (manuscripts), a missing section of text
  • Lacuna (music), an extended silence in a piece of music
  • Lacuna (linguistics), a lexical gap in a language
  • Lacuna (law), the lack of a law or legal source addressing a situation
  • Lacuna (histology), a small space containing an osteocyte in bone or chondrocyte in cartilage
  • Lacuna (comics), a fictional Marvel Comics superhero
  • The Lacuna, a 2009 novel by Barbara Kingsolver
  • Lacuna, Inc., a fictional company in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Lacuna, a character in Xanth by Piers Anthony
  • Jessie Lacuna, a Filipino swimmer
  • Lacuna (film), a 2012 film