A Kunsthalle or Kunsthaus is a term in German-speaking regions for a facility that mounts art exhibitions. The term roughly means "Art Gallery" in English but with a somewhat more specific meaning. A Kunsthalle is often operated by a non-profit Kunstverein ("Art Association") and a Kunsthaus ("Art House") refers more to a gallery or museum with associated artists, symposia, studios and workshops. A Kunsthalle is also similar to a Kunstmuseum ("Art Museum"), but the terms mean different things historically. In the strictest sense a Kunstmuseum has its own permanent collection and a Kunsthalle does not.

Today the boundaries between these terms are free flowing. In German-speaking countries there are many Kunstmuseen which are named Kunsthalle and vice versa. In addition, the activities of a traditional Kunsthaus are found in all forms of these art institutions.

The purpose of this list is to specifically list those exhibition venues, museums, and art societies which are officially named "Kunsthalle".

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