KS may refer to:

  • Kampfschwimmer, a German postwar commando frogman force
  • Kartagener syndrome, rare genetic disorder which causes a defect in the action of the cilia
  • Kamehameha Schools, independent school
  • Kansas (United States postal abbreviations)
  • Kaposi's sarcoma, tumor caused by Human herpesvirus 8 (HHV8)
  • Kaplan-Sheinwold, bidding system in the game of contract bridge
  • Kashmiri language (ISO 639 alpha-2: ks), Dardic language spoken primarily in the valley of Kashmir
  • Kate Spade, American fashion designer
  • Keratan sulfate, any of several sulfated glycosaminoglycans
  • Kernel streaming, method of processing streamed data
  • Kearny System, a parts numbering scheme developed for a Western Electric factory in Kearny, New Jersey
  • Kernowek Standard, an orthography for Revived Cornish
  • Key Stage in the UK education system
  • Kiasu, Hokkien (a Chinese spoken variant) word for 'extreme fear of losing' (怕输)
  • Kill stealing, practice in online games of stealing the rewards for defeating an enemy from other players
  • Kimbo Slice, Bahamian American mixed martial arts fighter
  • King's Scholar, scholar of Eton College denoted by the letters "KS" after the name in school lists
  • King's Serjeant, obsolete legal position in the United Kingdom
  • Klaus Schulze, a German electronic music composer and musician
  • Klinefelter's Syndrome, condition caused by a chromosome aneuploidy—affected males have an extra X sex chromosome
  • Kolmogorov–Smirnov test, goodness-of-fit test used for underlying probability distributions
  • Komandittselskap, Norwegian type of company
  • Kosovo, a disputed territory in the Balkans
  • Kristen Stewart, American actress
  • PenAir (IATA code: KS), Peninsula Airways, American airline based in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Katawa Shoujo, an English bishoujo-style visual novel by Four Leaf Studios

ks (in lowercase) may also refer to:

  • Kilosecond (ks), 1000 seconds (16 minutes, 40 seconds)

kS refers to:

  • kilosample (kS), 1000 samples of a digitized signal, often expressed as a sample rate per unit of time, e.g. kS/s (kilosample per ])

Ks can also refer to:

  • Ks, strikeouts in baseball
  • Ks (plural of K), legal shorthand for Contract