Kristal-ASTRO it was officially launched on 24 January 2000 is the sole operator of Brunei's multi-channel pay television service. The company is a joint-venture between Kristal Sdn Bhd and Malaysia's Astro Television Network System (Malaysia) Sedang Berhad a subsidiary of Astro Holdings (Malaysia) Sedang Berhad.

All channels have been customised to ensure that all programmes adhere to Brunei's religious, cultural and social values. Subscribers will also have access to pay-per-view services, as well as a wide range of interactive services, such as home banking, home shopping and distance learning.

Subscribers receive the satellite service using the state-of-the-art Digital Multimedia System (DMS) the same system introduced by Astro in Malaysia.

The operations of Kristal-ASTRO will be backed by DST Group's expertise in the areas of marketing, sales, information technology and technical support.

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