King Edward

King Edward has been the name of several monarchs in English history:

  • Edward the Elder (c. 871–924)
  • Edward the Martyr (c. 962–978)
  • Edward the Confessor (c. 1004–1066)
  • Edward I of England (1239–1307)
  • Edward II of England (1284–1327)
  • Edward III of England (1312–1377)
  • Edward IV of England (1442–1483)
  • Edward V of England (1470–1483?)
  • Edward VI of England (1537–1553)
  • Edward VII of the United Kingdom (1841–1910)
  • Edward VIII of the United Kingdom (1894–1972)

King Edward may also refer to other monarchs:

  • Edward of Portugal (Port: Duarte) (1391–1438)
  • Edward Bruce (c. 1275–1318), High King of Ireland
  • Edward Balliol (c. 1282–1364), King of Scots, considered a usurper

King Edward may refer to the following places:

  • King Edward, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
  • King Edward Avenue
  • King Edward Village, Dickens, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

King Edward may also refer to:

  • King Edward Hotel (Jackson, MS, USA), a former hotel-now-National Landmark in Jackson, Mississippi
  • King Edward VII class battleship
  • King Edward Hotel (Toronto), Ontario, Canada
  • King Edward's School (disambiguation)
  • King Edward potato
  • Edward the Benevolent, predecessor to Graham as King of Daventry in the King's Quest series of PC games

Famous quotes containing the words king and/or edward:

    Some friendship is closely akin to treachery.
    —Robert N. Lee. Rowland V. Lee. King Edward IV (Ian Hunter)

    I’ve learned one thing about life. We’re a good deal like that ball, dancing on the fountain. We know as little about the forces that move us, and move the world around us, as that empty ball does.
    Ardel Wray, Edward Dien, and Jacques Tourneur. Dr. Galbraith(James Bell)