King City

King City may refer to:

  • King City, Ontario, Canada, an unincorporated village in the township of King
    • King City GO Station, a station in the GO Transit network located in the community
    • King City Secondary School, one of three high schools in the community
  • King City, California, USA, a city in Monterey County
    • King City High School, a high school in the city
  • King City, Kansas, USA, a township in McPherson County, Kansas
  • King City, Missouri, USA, a city in Gentry County
  • King City, Oregon, USA, a city in Washington County
  • The British naval collier King City (naval vessel), sunk in the Indian Ocean by a German Raider in August 1940
  • King City (band), a band from San Francisco.
  • A song from the album The Gift by Andre Nickatina
  • King City (comic), a comic by Brandon Graham
  • A fictional location in the Eight Worlds novels

Famous quotes containing the words king and/or city:

    He’s always been king of his world, but we’ll teach him fear.... Why in a few months it’ll be up in lights on Broadway: Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World.
    —James Creelman. Merian C. Cooper. Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong)

    Nor is there singing school but studying
    Monuments of its own magnificence;
    And therefore I have sailed the seas and come
    To the holy city of Byzantium.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)