Kate is a feminine given name. It is sometimes a short form of Katherine, which is Greek meaning pure, blessed, virginal and popularity. It may refer to:

People with the given name Kate:

  • Kate (given name)

In meteorology:

  • Hurricane Kate (1985), which hit the US
  • Typhoon Kate (1970), a super typhoon that struck the Philippines


  • CSS Kate was a 165' wooden hulled sidewheel steamer of 477 tons used by the Confederacy as a blockade runner that made 20 successful runs through the Union blockade during the American Civil War.


  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
  • "Kate" a young adult novel by Valerie Sherrard
  • Kate (song), a song by Ben Folds Five
  • Nakajima B5N, a Japanese torpedo bomber, Allied reporting name "Kate"
  • Kate (text editor), a text editor for KDE
  • KATE, a radio station in Minnesota, USA
  • "Kate" is rhyming slang for Army (it rhymes with Kate Carney)
  • An alternative title of Crabbit Old Woman, a poem attributed to Phyllis McCormack
  • The K√Ęte language, a Papuan language

Famous quotes containing the word kate:

    Truly, My Satan, thou art but a Dunce,
    And dost not know the Garment from the Man.
    Every Harlot was a Virgin once,
    Nor can’st thou ever change Kate into Nan.
    William Blake (1757–1827)

    Monogamy and prostitution go together.
    —“J,” U.S. prostitute. As quoted in Woman in Sexist Society, ch. 3, by Kate Millett (1971)