Katarina may refer to:

In geography:

  • Katariina, district in Turku, Finland
  • Katarina-Sofia borough, borough in central Stockholm
  • Topol pri Medvodah, a settlement in the Municipality of Medvode, Slovenia (formerly and still popularly known as Katarina)

People with the given name Katarina:

  • Katarina (given name)
  • Katarina (Doctor Who), a character in the television series, Doctor Who
  • Katarina the Sinister Blade, a playable champion in League of Legends
  • Veela named in Serbian mythology
  • Katarina, a Fire Emblem character and exclusive playable character from Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem DS.

Katarina may also refer to:

  • Katarina Elevator, elevator in Stockholm
  • Katarina kyrka, a church in Stockholm, Sweden

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