Karel Husa - Compositions - Band


Date Czech Title English Title Remarks
1958 Divertimento pro žesťové a bicí nástroje Divertimento for brass and percussion; expansion of movements from the Eight Czech Duets
1968 Hudba pro Prahu 1968 Music for Prague 1968
1. Introduction and Fanfare
2. Aria
3. Interlude
4. Toccata and Chorale
original version for concert band; also for orchestra
1970 Apoteóza planety země Apotheosis of This Earth
1. Apotheosis
2. Tragedy of Destruction
3. Postscript
original version for concert band; also for chorus and orchestra (1972)
1973 Al Fresco pro koncertní dechový orchestr Al Fresco for concert band
Divertimento pro dechové a bicí nástroje Divertimento for symphonic winds and percussion
1980 Fanfara pro žesťové a bicí nástroje Fanfare for brass and percussion
1980 Intrady a interludia pro sedm trubek a bicí nástroje Intradas and Interludes for Seven Trumpets and Percussion
1982 Koncert pro dechový ansembl Concerto for (Large) Wind Ensemble winner of the first Sudler International Prize, 1983
1984 Smetanovská fanfara Smetana Fanfare for large wind ensemble
1996 Les Couleurs fauves (Vivid Colors) commissioned by Northwestern University
1996 Midwest Celebration fanfare for 3 brass and percussion ensembles
2006 Cheetah commissioned by the University of Louisville Wind Symphony

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