Kaiserslautern - Nature


Kaiserslautern is located in one of the largest contiguous forest areas (Palatinate Forest) in Central Europe and offers numerous hiking trails and lakes to visitors.

Other places of interest in Kaiserslautern are:

  • The Humberg Tower, an observation tower on the Humberg hill which was built in 1900 and offers a great view over the Palatinate Forest
  • Kaiserslautern Zoo at Siegelbach
  • Karlstal (a whitewater canyon)
  • Kaiserpfalz, the castle of emperor Barbarossa (Redbeard)
  • Burg Nanstein, Landstuhl, a castle in the district
  • Burg Hohenecken, a castle in a suburb/ward of Kaiserslautern
  • Gartenschau, a horticultural show, including the largest dinosaur show in the EU
  • Japanischer Garten (Japanese Garden), largest garden of its kind in Europe.

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