JV can mean:

  • Bearskin Airlines IATA airline designator
  • Jack Valenti, the former head of the Motion Picture Association of America
  • Jaclyn Victor, the first Malaysian Idol winner
  • John Virgo, a snooker player and commentator
  • Java, the Indonesian island
  • ISO 639 alpha-2 symbol for the Javanese language
  • Junior varsity team, the level below varsity in high school sports
  • Joint venture, a strategic alliance between two or more parties to undertake economic activity together
  • The Dog House shock jock Jeff Vandergrift
  • Judicial vicar, the head of an ecclesiastical tribunal
  • Justin Verlander, a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers
  • JV, a series of synthesizers released by the Roland Corporation during the early 1990s, one being the most popular sytheziser of all time, the Roland JV-1080
  • Jacques Villeneuve, a Formula 1 World Champion of 1997 and current NASCAR driver
  • JV!, a Russian media company owned by Mikhail Prokhorov
  • Jason Voorhees
  • Jesuit Volunteer