Judiciary Act

The term Judiciary Act may refer to any of several statutes relating to the organization of national court systems:

  • Australia
    • Judiciary Act 1903
  • United States
    • Judiciary Act of 1789, established the federal judiciary.
    • Judiciary Act of 1801, also called the Midnight Judges Act.
    • Judiciary Act of 1802, repealed the 1801 Act.
    • Judiciary Act of 1866 may refer to two different laws.
      • Ch. 210, 14 Stat. 209 (July 23, 1866), more commonly called the Judicial Circuits Act
      • Ch. 288, 14 Stat. 306 (July 27, 1866), removed certain cases from state courts to the federal courts.
    • Judiciary Act of 1867, 14 Stat. 385 (Feb. 5, 1867), amended sec. 25 of the Act of 1789 regarding Supreme Court review of state court rulings
    • Judiciary Act of 1869, also called the Circuit Judges Act of 1869
    • Judiciary Act of 1891, also called the Evarts Act or the Circuit Courts of Appeals Act.
    • Judiciary Act of 1925, also called the Certiorari Act or the Judges' Bill.

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