Judea or Judæa ( /dʒuː.ˈdiː.ə/; from Hebrew: יהודה‎, Yəhuda Yəhûḏāh "Tribe of Judah", Greek: Ιουδαία, Ioudaía; Latin: Iudaea) is the name of the mountainous southern part of the Land of Israel (Hebrew: ארץ ישראל‎ Eretz Yisrael). The region is named after the Israelite tribe of Judah, which dominated the area through the Iron Age and established the Kingdom of Judah, which lasted until 586 BCE. The name of the region continued to be incorporated through the Persian and Hellenistic period as Yehud Medinata, Hasmonean Kingdom of Judah and consequently Herodian Judea and Roman Judea. Following the Jewish-Roman Wars, the region was renamed into Syria Palaestina, and the term Judah as a geographical term was officially revived in the 20th century as part of the Israeli district name for most of the West Bank, the Judea and Samaria Area.

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