Jimmy Edwards

Jimmy Edwards DFC (23 March 1920 – 7 July 1988) was an English comedic script writer and comedy actor on both radio and television, best known as Pa Glum in Take It From Here and as the headmaster "Professor" James Edwards in Whack-O!

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    You’re so sly and so am I.
    Michael Mann, U.S. screenwriter. Jimmy Price (Dan E. Butler)

    Bill: I have champagne, caviar, marinated truffles, brilliant foie gras and half-a-dozen assorted Hungarian gypsies.
    Lili: Sounds delicious.
    Bill: I thought we’d go on a picnic.
    Lili: At three in the morning?
    Bill: It’s the best time—no ants.
    —Blake Edwards (b. 1922)