Jet - Products and Business

Products and Business

  • jet, a tube, nozzle, or passageway in a carburetor
  • JET, an acronym for Java emitter templates, a template engine that is part of the Eclipse EMF project
  • JET, an acronym for joint-engine technology
  • Jet (brand), a filling-station brand name
  • Jet (video game), a fighter-jet simulation program for 8-bit and 16-bit computers
  • Jet (WMH Tool brand), a brand of woodworking and metalworking workshop machinery (fixed and portable), owned by WMH Tool Group AG
  • JET TV, an alternative name for Japan Entertainment Television, a television station in Singapore and Taiwan in the Jadeworld station group
  • Matra Djet (Matra Sports Jet), a French sports car
  • pump-jet, a marine propulsion mechanism for jetskis and other types of boats
  • Samsung Jet, a mobile-phone handset
  • water jet cutter, a tool for cutting and the machining of engineering materials

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