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  • blue jet, a type of upper atmosphere lightning phenomena
  • jet (fluid), a coherent stream of fluid that is projected into a surrounding medium, usually from some kind of a nozzle or aperture
    • water jet (recreation), a personal-use water cannon that can be turned to spray in different directions and is usually found in water parks
  • jet (lignite), a type of coal used in some jewelry (origin of the adjective "jet-black")
  • jet (mathematics)
  • jet (particle physics), a narrow cone of hadrons and other particles produced by the hadronization of a quark or gluon in a particle physics or heavy ion experiment
  • jet bundle
  • jet stream, in meteorology, commonly referred to as "jet"
  • Joint European Torus, an experimental nuclear fusion machine
  • polar jet, a phenomenon in astronomy, where streams of matter are emitted along the axis of rotation of a compact object
  • relativistic jet, an extremely powerful jet of plasma which emerges from the centers of some active galaxies

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