Jepha Howard - Musical Style

Musical Style

The Used's music has been classified under many sub-genres of rock. Their musical style has been labeled as emo, screamo, post-hardcore, alternative rock, pop-punk, punk rock, hard rock, heavy metal and metalcore.

Band bassist Jeph Howard has said, "We just don't consider ourselves 'emo' or 'screamo' and we never have. We're a rock band that's all we've ever been."

For Artwork, McCracken described their genre as "gross pop". Allman described the albums style: "It's gonna be pretty raw. I think a lot of the stuff is very much more poetic and lyrical, and the sound is more retro and raw with less production".

On their fifth album Vulnerable, Bert McCracken stated that there is a lot of hip-hop influence, beats and drum and bass kind of stuff, but it’s also still a The Used record with lots of soft and heavy sounds, lot of brutal, sharp, bright sounds, and the tempos are anywhere from ultra-slow to super fast and heavy.

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