Jennifer or Jenifer may refer to:

  • Jennifer (given name)
  • Project Jennifer, a CIA attempt to recover a Russian submarine in 1974

In film and television:

  • Jennifer (film), a 1978 horror film by Brice Mack
  • Jennifer (1953 film), a film starring Ida Lupino
  • Jennifer (2009 film), a film by Stewart Copeland aired on the American TV program P.O.V.
  • Jennifer's Body, a film starring Megan Fox
  • Jenifer (2001 film), an American TV film starring Jane Alexander
  • "Jenifer" (Masters of Horror), an episode of Masters of Horror

In music:

  • The Jennifers, a British band, some of whose members later formed Supergrass
  • Jenifer Bartoli or simply Jenifer, French pop singer
    • Jenifer (album), an album by Jenifer
  • Jennifer Warnes, American singer who formerly used the stage name Jennifer, also the title of her 1972 album
  • "Jennifer", a 1974 song by Faust from Faust IV
  • "Jennifer", a 1983 song by Eurythmics from Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
  • "Jennifer", a 2001 song by M2M from The Big Room