Sony Pictures Classics

Sony Pictures Classics is an art-house film division of Sony Pictures Entertainment founded in December 1991 by former Orion Classics heads Michael Barker, Tom Bernard, and Marcie Bloom. It distributes, produces and acquires specialty films (especially of documentaries, independent films and art films) from the United States and around the world. As of 2012, Barker and Bernard are co-presidents of division.

Sony Pictures Classics has a history of making reasonable investments for small films, and getting a decent return. It has a history of not overspending and sharing money with the filmmakers honestly.

Sometimes, Sony Pictures Classics would agree to release some films for all other departments of Sony. But under Sony Pictures Classics' contract with Sony, all other departments of Sony (including the parent company) can't force Sony Pictures Classics to release any film it does not want to release.

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