Jamming may mean:

  • Interfering with communications or surveillance:
    • Radio jamming
    • Radar jamming and deception
    • Mobile phone jammer
    • E-mail jamming
  • Jamming (dance), cheered show-offs during social dancing
  • Jamming (fanzine), a UK music fanzine of the 1970s–80s
  • Jamming (physics), an apparent change of physical state
  • Jamming (song), from Bob Marley's album Exodus
  • Culture jamming, criticizing mass media through its own methods
  • Jam session, a semi-improvised rock or jazz performance
  • A rock climbing technique
  • Jamming (knot), the tendency of knots to become difficult to untie
  • The jamming of machine parts against each other, usually due to insufficient lubrication