Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson may refer to:

  • Jack Thompson (boxer) (1904–1946), American boxer
  • Jack Thompson (actor) (born 1940), Australian film and television star
  • Jack Thompson (activist) (born 1951), disbarred Florida attorney
  • Jack Thompson (American football) (born 1956), American football quarterback from Samoa
  • Jack Thompson (footballer) (1892-1969), English footballer who played for Sheffield United and Bristol City

Famous quotes containing the words jack and/or thompson:

    This is the cat
    That killed the rat
    Mother Goose (fl. 17th–18th century. The House That Jack Built (l. 7–8)

    Women have had the vote for over forty years and their organizations lobby in Washington for all sorts of causes; why, why, why don’t they take up their own causes and obvious needs?
    —Dorothy Thompson (1894–1961)