Ion Implantation - Hazardous Materials Note

Hazardous Materials Note

In the ion implantation semiconductor fabrication process of wafers, it is important for the workers to minimize their exposure to the toxic materials are used in the ion implanter process. Such hazardous elements, solid source and gasses are used, such as arsine and phosphine. For this reason, the semiconductor fabrication facilities are highly automated, and may feature negative pressure gas bottles safe delivery system (SDS). Other elements may include antimony, arsenic, phosphorus, and boron. Residue of these elements show up when the machine is opened to atmosphere, and can also be accumulated and found concentrated in the vacuum pumps hardware. It is important not to expose yourself to these carcinogenic, corrosive, flammable, and toxic elements. Many overlapping safety protocols must be used when handling these deadly compounds. Use safety, and read MSDSs.

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