Inverurie Loco Works F.C. - Current 1st Team Squad

Current 1st Team Squad


  • Stewart Gray
  • Daniel Bell
  • Andy Reid (On Loan to Turriff FC)


  • Kieran Adams
  • Ryan Broadhurst
  • Scott Buchan
  • Ally Graham
  • Roddy Mess
  • Steven Park
  • Simon Scott
  • Mark Souter


  • Clark Bain
  • Scott Begg
  • Nicky Gordon
  • John Maitland
  • Neil McLean
  • Jamie Michie
  • Craig Ross
  • Marc Young


  • Andrew Baghurst
  • Kenny Coull
  • Neil Gauld
  • Adam Maitland
  • Stuart McKay
  • Jack Strachan

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