Invention of Radio

Within the history of radio, many people were involved in the invention of radio technology that continues to evolve in modern wireless communication systems today. Radio development began as "wireless telegraphy", first invented by David Edward Hughes. Later, during the early commercial development of wireless technology that followed the first Hughes demonstrations, highly publicized disputes arose over the issue of who could claim credit for the invention of radio. The enormous publicity and commercial importance of these disputes overshadowed the much earlier theoretical, experimental, and applied work of James Clerk Maxwell, David Edward Hughes, Heinrich Hertz, Jagadish Chandra Bose, and others.

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    Correspondences are like smallclothes before the invention of suspenders; it is impossible to keep them up.
    Sydney Smith (1771–1845)

    Heredity is a strong factor, even in architecture. Necessity first mothered invention. Now invention has little ones of her own, and they look just like grandma.
    —E.B. (Elwyn Brooks)

    ... the ... radio station played a Chopin polonaise. On all the following days news bulletins were prefaced by Chopin—preludes, etudes, waltzes, mazurkas. The war became for me a victory, known in advance, Chopin over Hitler.
    Margaret Anderson (1886–1973)