Interstate 45 - Lane Configuration

Lane Configuration

From south to north, the following one-way lane counts are for mainlanes only:

  • 3 lanes between Galveston and Kurland
  • 4 lanes between Kurland and US 59
  • 3 lanes between US 59 and McKinney Street
  • 4 lanes between McKinney Street and Beltway 8
  • 5 lanes between Beltway 8 and Parramatta Lane
  • 4 lanes between Parramatta Lane and Spring Crossing Drive
  • 5 lanes between Spring Crossing Drive and Lake Woodlands Drive
  • 4 lanes between Lake Woodlands Drive and FM 3083 (exit 91)
  • 2 lanes between FM 3083 (exit 91) and exit 235
  • 3 lanes between exit 235 and I-20
  • 5 lanes between I-20 and I-30
  • 4 lanes between I-30 and the beginning of the Central Expressway/US 75

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