Instant Action

Instant Action

InstantAction was a web gaming site and digital distributor featuring 3D, browser-based games.

The site was created by IAC/InterActive Corp game after its acquisition of technology developer GarageGames in 2007 and released a year later. InstantAction's goal was to allow publishers and developers the ability to embed games across the internet through the use of InstantAction's embed-tech. Publishers were then able to set monetary rates, including social features, release free demos and more. Users were required to download an initial plug-in that would be used across all games using the InstantAction platform. Game downloads were transparently broken into small "chunks", which were streamed onto disk behind the scenes, allowing players to start playing much faster than ordinary downloads. The games were downloaded to the user's hard-drive, allowing them to play the game instantly after initial download, wherever the game was embedded.

InstantAction's platform initially hosted eight games that featured the ability to add friends, chat, and create parties which could jump from game to game together without being forced to leave the party and rejoin it. In 2010, these games were taken down after InstantAction announced it was focusing on embedded 3D gaming technology for external websites, rather than operating its own website. Several developers have shown interest in releasing said games at some point, however.

On November 11, 2010, it was announced that InstantAction would be "winding down" their operations.

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