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Personal Style

Ieuan Wyn Jones is known as a keen negotiator and a "man of integrity, one who is reliable and 'a good listener'". Lord Ellis-Thomas, presiding officer of the Welsh Assembly, said of Jones " was a very good organizer with "huge tenacity'". According to Lord Elis-Thomas, Jones assiduously "talks to each (Plaid Cymru assembly) group member individually and "will ensure the government achieves what it says it will."

Jones's approach is described as "somewhat quieter, more understated," as compared to Rhodri Morgan. Conservative leader Nick Bourne describes Jones as "somebody who's trustworthy, somebody who's reliable," and "a safe pair of hands... a good leader for his party".

Jones is generally seen as a pragmatist, steering a middle course between his party's (predominately southern) socialists and the language-inspired activists of the party's Anglesey and Gwynedd heartland. Speaking about moderation at the British-Irish Council at Stormont on 16 July 2007, Jones said "We in Wales have also seen a coming together of parties with different traditions, on the basis of a shared programme for government, and a shared commitment to improve the lives of all our people in all parts of Wales.."

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