Identification Number

  • (noun): A numeral or string of numerals that is used for identification.
    Synonyms: number

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Identity Document - National Policies - North America - Costa Rica
... Each card has a unique number composed of nine numerical digits, the first of them being the province where the citizen was born (with other significance in special cases such as granted ... and financial purpose, often requested at payment with credit or debit cards for identification guarantee and requested for buying alcoholic beverages ... Among the information included there are, on the front, two identification pictures and digitized signature of the owner, identification number (known colloquially just as the cédula ...
Bank Card Number
... Payment card numbers are found on payment cards, such as credit cards and debit cards ... Bank card numbers are allocated in accordance with ISO/IEC 7812 ... The bank card number merely identifies the card, which is then electronically associated with a particular cardholder and also to the cardholder's designated bank account/s ...
Matthew Diaz - The Suspect Document
... describing captives were Internment Serial Number The two official lists both contain an ISN, which seems to be some kind of identification number, but they don't say what it is ... The ISN numbers of the 759 captives on the two official lists ran from 2 through 1457, with the exception of six captives who were captured in Bosnia, and Martin Mubanga who was captured in ... Source Identification number (if present) ? GTMO Identification number ? nationality country of citizenship Both of the official lists name just one country associated with each captive ...
VAT Identification Number - VAT Numbers By Countries - VAT Numbers of Non-EU Countries
... L = Letter) Australia Tax File Number TFN AU 9 digit number (where the last digit is a check digit) Belarus ... УНП 190190190) Croatia Osobni identifikacijski broj Personal identification number OIB HR 11 digit number (ex ... HR123 789. 01) utilizing ISO 7064, MOD 11-10 Canada Business Number numéro d'entreprise BN / NE CA 15 characters Norway Organisasjonsnummer Organization ...
List Of CDMA Terminology - M
... MDN – Mobile Directory Number MIN – Mobile Identification Number MSCID – Mobile Switching Center Identification MSCIN – MSC Identification Number MSIN – Mobile Subscription Identification ...

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