ICI or Ici may mean:

  • ICI programming language, a computer programming language developed in 1992
  • Ici (magazine), an alternative weekly newspaper in Montreal, Canada

ICI is also an abbreviation which may mean:

  • Imperial Chemical Industries, former British chemicals company
  • Indian Concrete Institute
  • Industrial, commercial, and investment real estate, or simply, commercial real estate
  • Institute for Competitive Intelligence, a German post-graduate training organization
  • Institute of Cultural Inquiry, an international organization functioning as a think-tank for artists
  • Instituto de CooperaciĆ³n Iberoamericana
  • Inter Carrier Interface, A transport protocol (IANA port 2200) for use with SMDS.
  • Inter-Channel-Interference
  • Interface Control Information, a header used for layers in the OSI model
  • Internal Control Institute, a professional certification in internal control
  • International Commerce Institute, a high school in Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • International Commission on Illumination; more commonly abbreviated CIE, following its French spelling
  • Interactive Compilation Interface - transforms production compilers into research toolsets
  • Internet Computer Integration Project
  • Intracervical Insemination
  • Investment Company Institute, an American investment company trade organization
  • Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, an initiative launched during NATO's 2004 Istanbul Summit
  • Financing Instrument for Cooperation with Industrialised and Other High Income Countries and Territories, an instrument of the European Union
  • International Compact with Iraq
  • Independent Commercial Importer