Houseman may refer to:

  • House officer, a junior doctor in a British hospital
  • Useful man, a grade of domestic servant below footman

People whose surname is or was Houseman include:

  • Edward Houseman (1869–1942), English cricketer
  • Ian Houseman (born 1969), English cricketer
  • John Houseman (1902–1988), Romanian-born American actor and film producer
  • John Houseman (baseball) (1870–1922), Dutch-born American baseball infielder
  • Julius Houseman (1832–1891), American entrepreneur and politician
  • Peter Houseman (1945–1977), English footballer
  • René Houseman (born 1953), Argentine footballer
  • Jim Houseman, the fictional United States Secretary of Defense in the game Metal Gear Solid