Honda Vigor

The Honda Vigor is a compact sedan sold in Japan from 1981 to 1995. It was sold in North America from 1992 to 1994 as the Acura Vigor, a mid-size luxury car. The Vigor started out in Japan only in the early 1980s as a luxury level Accord, and as such was Honda's flagship sedan until the arrival of the Honda Legend. With later generations the Vigor stayed upmarket and received a shared platform with the luxury sedan Honda Inspire with its engine installed longitudinally as in the second generation Honda Legend. It was replaced in North America with the Acura TL and in Japan with the Honda Saber.

The first generation Vigor was sold only in Japan at Honda Verno dealerships as a hatchback and sedan companion to the Honda Prelude, and alongside the Honda Civic-based Honda Quint four-door hatchback, and the Ballade. The Vigor was also the top-level sedan at Honda Verno, as the Legend was only offered at Honda Clio dealerships. The third generation was later exported to North America as the mid-level sedan to accompany the Acura Legend and entry-level Integra. The Vigor was developed during what was known in Japan as the Japanese asset price bubble or "bubble economy".

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