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  • Alastair Hetherington (1919-1999), British journalist
  • Sir Arthur Hetherington (1911-2002), first chairman of British Gas
  • Brian Hetherington, Australian rugby league footballer
  • Chris Hetherington, American football fullback
  • Henry Hetherington (1792–1849), British Chartist
  • Ian Hetherington, computer specialist
  • Jason Hetherington, Australian rugby league footballer
  • Jill Hetherington, professional tennis player from Canada
  • John Hetherington, haberdasher
  • Judson Hetherington (1866 – 1928), physician and politician
  • Norman Hetherington, Australian cartoonist and puppeteer
  • Rachel Hetherington, Australian professional golfer
  • Richard Hetherington, British naval officer and politician
  • Roger Hetherington, British civil engineer
  • Roger Gaskell Hetherington, British civil engineer and civil servant
  • Tim Hetherington (1970-2011), British photographer, winner of 2007 World Press Photo

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