Heather is the common name for various plants:

  • The heather family, or Ericaceae, particularly:
    • Common heather or ling, Calluna vulgaris
    • Various species of the genus Cassiope
    • Various species of the genus Erica

Heather may also refer to:

  • Heather, Leicestershire, a village in England
  • Heather (fabric), interwoven yarns of mixed colours producing muted greyish shades with flecks of colour
  • Heather (name), a popular given name for girls
  • Heather (yacht), the original name of the yacht USS Sea Gull, built in 1902
  • Heathers, a 1989 film directed by Michael Lehmann
    • Heathers (musical), a musical by Laurence O'Keefe
  • Heathers (band), an acoustic singing duo from Ireland
  • "Heather" (song), an unreleased song by Paul McCartney and Donovan
  • "Heather", a song from fusion drummer Billy Cobham's 1974 album Crosswinds
  • "Heather", a song from Patent Pending by Heavens

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