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Personal Life

Jaipuri invested his earnings in property, on his wife's advice. Thanks to earnings from these properties, his financial condition was sound, and therefore he was not much active as a lyricist. He was survived by two sons and a daughter.

In the year 1985 during the month of February he made a visit with his wife to Hyderabad to meet Arun and Sanjay Deshpande and for sightseeing. While sitting beside Sanjay Deshpande and watching chitrahar on TV the song,"Hum ko to jaan se pyari hai tumhari ankhee...." from the film NAINA happened to be telecast and he was delighted and exclaimed "Are yeh to mera gana hai"(this happens to be my song). He made a visit to the Nizam Charitable Trust and the staff were thrilled on seeing him. He also made a visit to Sajjad Kishore (a singer who sang kishore numbers in orchestra) in king koti.To his disappointment, however, he was not at home but he did wait for him. The next day when Sajjad Kishore was informed about his visit he immediately visited him and touched his feet in apology.

While returning to Mumbai by minar express a person appeared to recognize him at the secundrabad train station. He exclaimed that Jaipuri was a famous person but was unable to guess his name. On further interrogation he was jubilant on recognizing him. He touched his feet in respect and asked him,"Sir you are a very famous lyricist you should be traveling by plane?" to which Jaipuri replied "Am I not a human that I cannot travel by train?" (he was travelling by second class).

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